Multiplayer Dungeons are an integral part of Eternal Saga. Starting at level 40, a party of 3( or you can choose to go seperately )players are required to enter the dungeon and can only be accessed twice a day. 


Multiplayer Dungeons offer players a chance to earn additional experience as well as collect items to upgrade their equipment and increase Battle Rating.


Scitimar Valley (Level 40)- Players must destroy Heat and Thunder Swords sprinkled throughout the valley before they turn to Swordsmen.

Molluscan Alcove (Level 45)- Players must protect the Molluscan Messenger from waves of beasts with the help of summoned Guardians.

Elphame (Level 50)- Players go through Elphame forest, defeating monsters and avoiding traps along the way. This dungeon helps to increase you equipment levels (R5, R6 and R7 etc.) whilst dropping wisdom and Upgrade Rune Fragments along the way.

Demon Capitoline (Level 55)- In a PvP environment, players must work together to defeat opponents to progress to the next stage.